Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alya'a Collection -Latest fashion trend of Abaya and beauty products from the Middle East.

Hi Readers,

Interested in finding affordable cosmetics and skin care products?

Alya'a Collection brings you the latest fashion trend of Abaya and beauty products from the Middle East in Malaysia.

They offer:
PERFECT PRO EYE / LIP LINER / EYE SHADOW PENCIL for only RM 15 with free postage in Malaysia.

Spray perfumed lotion with latest fragrance- Moisturising and fresh, Non-Alcoholic with RM 45 (Free Postage Malaysia)

Available in two different scents
Pink Bottle : Fresh citrus / sweet fragrance 
Gold Bottle : Soft floral aroma / sweet fragrance.

NANO Active and 24K Gold, VITAMIN B3, Natural Collagen & other vegetables ingredients

  • reduce wrinkles
  • give you radiance & glowing skin
  • enhance blood circulation and get rid of death skin cells.
  • give you healthy and clean skin
Nano Active gold essence and 24k foil gold, Vitamin B3, Natural plant collagen& other plants essence. 
1.Reduces fine lines and facial wrinkles and tightens helps aging does not appear. 
2. Works on restoring vitality and freshness of areas surrounding the eye. 
3.Contribute to improving the performance of blood circulation and remove dead cells and the cumulative effects of pollution on the skin,neck and upper chest. 
4.Restores balance skin tone and texture, which leads to clarify of the face and purified.

Facial powder with free postage! You may read more about Kokuryu product here~

Kindly drop them a Facebook message and order them now :)

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