Sunday, September 28, 2014

MeDANO Coffee- Join MeDANO for a FREE Coffee Tasting Session today!

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Are you a coffee lover just like me? Every morning I need a cup of coffee to wake my brain :) It is considered one of the important meals of my day :)
14 Things All Coffee Lovers Should Know

Now here's a good deal for you! MeDANO coffee us now offering free coffee tasting session to you!!! 

The reason is because its a fairly new product in the market, MeDANO wants customers 100% honest feedback to bring you the highest quality standard coffee in the world~

MeDANO Coffee

A new premier coffee business based in Singapore. What makes this coffee so special is that it's high quality, 100% Sumatran Arabica coffee and it comes in Nespresso compatible capsules. It's innovative, bold, unique, and has an incredible aroma!


1. Go to the Link & register NOW!
2. Fill in your name, phone no., email address, preferred date & time (morning or afternoon)

*Note: Free for the first 5 cups only. After that $0.60 sgd per cup is chargeable.

And the best part......

The coffee experts will visit your home or office so you do not have to spend time travel at all. MeDANO goal is to get your most honest feedback and want to bring you the best coffee ever~

Hurry and register a session today* together with your friends and family.

About MeDANO coffee

  • Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules
  • A dry-processed “natural” coffee with exotic complexities.
  • It carries a resonant, full bodied aroma & flavour, heightened by surprisingly woody notes. This pure single origin beans originate from the finest small plantations from the highlands of Sumatra,producing high quality coffee of profound taste and deep finish.

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