Monday, September 22, 2014

[Personal Experience] Beauty Perfect Toa Payoh

Hi lovelies,

It is going to be a long post because I finally completed my skin care sessions with Beauty Perfect- Toa payoh. So I can share with you my experience with them. No joke, do not sign any plan with them unless you are fine with:

1) simple extraction facial- no eye brow fixing, not much machine to help,

Hmm it all started when my sister bought me a Groupon- with spa massage, nails and facial-3 in 1 for 3 sessions. I do not know what is the cost. But at the beginning, their services are good and I decided to purchase the sessions with them.

However, their facial session is not as professional as Jean Yip or Adonis. And one facial costs about 97.6 (your could choose from only one machine from the following-dead skins removal machine, oxygen pump-in machine,sheep placenta ampoule or others).

I have acne prone skin, so it is a nightmare for me when I go to any beauty saloon. I always requested experienced beautician so I will "survive". I feel the session there is ineffective,and it is painful. I can't describe my feeling everytime when I see my face in redness and it takes time for the redness to disappear.

In my opinion, we as a customer, we can't really tell what products they used on us, we do not have control over the entire "session", We will be closing our eyes all the times. We do not even know how clean their tools is? Do they use clean pricking tools? or do they even clean their machine. I noticed that they always hide their machine away from us.. which I don't usually understand why.. haha, and the most important thing is we can't say no to our beautician because they are the person who handles your face. If we make them unhappy, I believe they will do something baf to your eyebrows and it will be too late. We have no control over their mood right. And maybe one single mistakes and that's it.  Acne scars, bad eye brows shapes etc.. we can't afford that right? I remembered there is one time that my face is in pain after the extraction and the beautician asked me to purchase the stem cell serum at $80, which come in a very tiny bottle. And in the end, it didn't help much because my face is a disaster. I feel I'm so dumb for trusting them because they are not cheap and I was so sad that I don't even wanna go out and let others see my swollen face. My girlfriends will all look at my face and ask me what is going on and I don't even want to take about it.

 I feel they hard sell me their products and it is not worth it at all. Luckily I spent all my session together with my mum so I don't have to endure their "useless" treatment and it's super painful.

I managed to snap some of the pictures during my last session. Oh well,  I feel it's always better you try their products and services (at those small saloons) and pay as you use. Because their service to you will deteriorate over time.

So please be careful when you use those Groupon/deal online if you are easy buyer like me. Because you will need to commit a long term purchase with them. Sometimes, I feel I should be more firm and insist on quality rather than the offer.

It's a lesson for me and I wish to share out my experience to people who are like me.

P/s: And I don't know why the two beauticians from the shop always like to talk about they have tumour before...I don't know what is their intentions. And I don't think it's true at ALL.

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  1. Beware.. They such big time n would luv to penalise you if you r late n Chang you appointment. Very inferior customer service.... lousy!!!!