Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CLOSETStyles App: Buy and Sell Fashion today!

Dear readers,

Are you a shopaholic like me? Now is your time to buy and sell new and preloved fashion right out of your closets across Peninsula Malaysia with  CLOSETStyles today!

It is simple and easy! You also can earn extra cash by selling all your unfit or old clothes using  CLOSETStyles !


No set up cost required and all this can be done from the comfort of your home. All you need is an iphone and wifi. Snap and sell!

FOUR simple reasons why you should get started with CLOSETStyles. 

1. Earn some money for shopping!
 Share them with your style mates and sell them through CLOSETStyles so that you can buy what you really love to wear today!! Reuse and recreate :)

Look out for:

~The dress you bought impulsively a year ago, thinking you will get a chance to wear it one day.
~The wedding dress or accessories you bought but wore only once!
​~A top that still has the tag on it but you probably don’t need anymore. 

~The killer heels you bought that are a size too small!
~A gift from your ex that you need to get rid off!

~The similar accessories that you own!

2. Get fashion tips and advice from your style mates!

~Unsure how to match the red top you just bought?

~Do you have a wedding dinner to attend in 2 days’ time but aren’t sure what to wear? 

~Found something on CLOSETStyles but not sure if it will look good on you?

~Did you try out a dress in the fitting room but not sure if you should buy it?

~Did you just buy a fantastic looking vintage dress that you just can’t wait to show it off to your style mates? 

Post them on CLOSETStyles! 

And get to know all the fashionista around. It is definitely a cool platform for all the fashionista to gather and share ideas.

3. Stop the complaints that you can’t afford fashion!

Do you always complain that you cannot afford to buy that bag you have always been eyeing for?
Or are you always having to take up a 12 month payment plan and are bonded by the possible interest charges?
Why not just shop through the listings posted by your style mates and you may find the same item at up to 80% off its retail price!

4. Online shopping with confidence
Avoid scams and inconveniences in payment and delivery by usinh Stylesecured!
CLOSETStyles works with a trusted payment gateway partner to offer a Stylesecured buyer’s protection program for our style mates, where you get what's listed or you get your money back.
We also include a prepaid shipping label for door-to-door delivery.

Now you can buy and sell fashion from the comfort of your home! ​

Simple 4 steps and you are set:

Cool dress that i found~

Easy navigation layout for you to shop and sell :)

Go be beautiful and get into the Closetstyles~

Join in the fun today and happy closet shopping!

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