Monday, March 9, 2015

Great seafood restaurant you must try in Kedah, Malaysia: 龙门河鲜-Bagan Samak

ODear readers,

Are you crazy about Seafood delicacies? I do!!!

I am craving for lobster, fresh prawns, crabs (black pepper especially), and all kinds of fish!!!
Here is one of my recommendation if you going to visit Kedah, Malaysia. You must visit this restaurant named: 龙门河鲜-Bagan Samak 

Let me tell you abit of the history of Bagan Samak.. The owner Mr Yang Jin Hua was a fisherman before he first started this restaurant. He was poor and coincidentally he found his interest in cooking and he cooked all the fishes he caught and wanted to make the best taste in the world. Mr Yang and Mrs Yang went around to borrow money and they created Bagan Samak~

After 21 years, Mr Yang is very satisfied when he saw all their customer happy smiles :)

Let me introduce you their famous and signature dishes :)

 Sudan fish

  • Fish meat is solid and juicy.
  • It is best to be fried and topped with fresh ingredients of their own or steamed 

Home-grown sweet potato leaves 

  • Homegrown sweet potato leaves. You could see all the fresh grown veggie at the open space next to the dining area.
  • So there is not preservatives added in the vegetables.
Butter shrimp 
  • The culinary chef (Chef Yang) signature dish
  • Twenty years ago, Chef Yang created this dish with his wife and it is their masterpiece.

Oyster shrimp
  • After Fried fried with garlic , peppers and oyster sauce. It will be a little spicy .
  • Very crispy  (Also available with freshwater shrimp )

Malay banana mushroom Vegetables

  • Fresh served everyday.

  • Address:
    No.14, Jalan Empat Bagan Samak, Kampung Bagan Samak, Kuala Kedah, 34950, Kedah

    Operating hours:
    Mon - Sun:
    12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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