Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to find a good tutor? try House Tutor

Dear Lovelies,

Do you have kids and want to find a good tutor who is loving, caring and patient to teach your children while you are away?

Try House TutorHouse Tutor is ready to bring you the best house tutor in Singapore for you!

Traditionally, tuition coordinators do the ‘matchmaking’ between parents and tutor but now there has been a recent trend in parents choosing their own tutors using online platforms and one of them will be House Tutors Singapore

Logo of House Tutor
House Tutor is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore offering English tuition, Economics tuition, Maths tuition, Chemistry tuition, Chinese tuition and other subject tuitions for primary and secondary school.

Recently launched House Tutors is an online platform for parents to post up their tuition requests. Tutors are able to post up their profile for parents to view. There was one unique feature which caught our attention. 

House Tutor has brilliantly introduced a platform for parent and tutor to chat within the site where parents can communicate directly with the tutors to understand how they can help their child before engaging them. 

Not thinking for the parents alone, House Tutor also provides an opportunity for all tutors to build their profile and portfolio by posting up their educational certificates and their biography. 

House Tutor provides tutor for 6 distinct categories:
1) Primary
2) Secondary
3) JC
4) Special Education
5) Arts
6) Coaches

I found the portal is easy to use :) you could search via tutor's age/region/hourly rate/experience and etc. Once you click on their profile picture, you could read their qualification and subject available :)  

If you are parent, sign up as a parent & find your favourite tutor below:

If you are a tutor, you can create a profile and earn extra cash during your free time :)  

Get your private home tutor now :)

There are many benefites of home tuition. You could get extra attention for your kids & get improved performance in school!

Also, better home tuition will give the kids more opportunity to practice more and to a greater extent. The tutor is able to answer your kids' queries and correct their mistakes easily.

Plus, you can improve your kids' learning styles. Home tuition will help them build confidence and hence speed up their learning process and make the kids understand their strength and weaknesses.

Parents get to understand their kids learning progress and get to stay connected with kids' education.

Try House Tutor and get the best for your kids!

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