Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SGTravelGuru.com- One stop online travel portal

Dear readers,

Are you always want to hunt for good travel deals and want to travel around the world :)? Me too!

Each year I will bring my parents to one country following the travel tour and make sure it is the best deal in town. My tips and tricks are to always follow their travel agencies facebook and watch for the travel deals and roadshow!

And it is very annoying that we need to watch out for the promo date/ road show date. However now it is a good new for you. 

SGTravelGuru.com is available 24/7 and it is free for all of us. 


Now you could rely on SGTravelGuru.com is an online travel portal, offering travel packages, from Singapore Travel Agency, to travellers in Singapore. SGTravelGuru.com's aim is to create a fun, interactive and hassle-free communication platform for Travel Agency and Travellers. 

Going for a tour is easy, but gathering information and executing plans is the hardest part.

Thus, it is always important that if we could follow a website with all the information inside. There are a lot of factors to worry and consider before going for a well-deserved holiday. With today’s highly competitive market, information are scattered, SGTravelGuru.com can offer travellers a competitive price for a package as compared to booking it individually, no planning effort is required as agency had done all the planning and consideration before introducing packages. 

At SGTravelGuru.com , they will provide you the best advice, as they are the experts in the field with years of experience.

Now let's take a look at the website:

Searching the group tour, you could filter the search by 

  1. Tour type
  2. Region
  3. Location
  4. Price Range
  5. Duration (travel days)
  6. Month
  7. Keywords
Also if you prefer free and easy trip, you could visit here: http://sgtravelguru.com/index.php/free-easy.html/

So many packages for you to choose from,4 NIGHTS BAROSSA, CLARE VALLEY & MURRAY RIVER is only 690 per pax!

If you would like to mix and mingles with the locals when you travel to the country, you could read more here: http://sgtravelguru.com/index.php/news/

There is one Honolulu Festival going on during 6th March to 8th March 2015:



Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

When: 6th March to 8th March 2015


Parade of bands
World class floats
Honolulu festival is Hawaii’s big cultural event of promoting and understanding the ethnic harmony and economic partnership between the Hawaiian people and Pacific Rim region. There will be dance performances and traditional art demonstrations by artist from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and etc. The Parade of Bands will be held on 8th March 2015. The parade main features are the marching bands, drum, bugle corps, colour guards, cheer, dance teams and world class floats.

So many things you could explore in this website :) I love it. It is easy to use and so many travel agencies are involved!

You won't missed any good deal in SGTravelGuru.com.

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