Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ah Cai La Kopi - SG 50 Memory Project

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Did you heard about  Ah Ca La Kopi- SG 50 Memory Project? It is a multilingual talk show hosted by Edmund Chen. 

I found their Youtube Channel and Ah Cai La Kopi features some of Singapore's top local Celebrities, Personalities, Businessmen and Professionals. These individuals will provide their profiles and related information as well as share their views, opinions and comments on their personal journeys and experiences! I found that I learnt about each individual experience in Singapore :)

You will get to listen to some of Singapore professional successful story or their experience. I really love the show because I get to know how they get successful :) because we seldom get the chance to get close to professional and learnt from their experience. We can really make a difference to other people life :)

Subscribe to Ah Ca La Kopi youtube channel: HERE
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A self-confessed introvert, Yixin is unashamedly close to her father despite getting teased about it by her friends and teachers. She doesn’t keep any secrets from her parents.
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