Monday, August 31, 2015

Say No to Hair Loss with BioRevive HairGro

Dear readers,

Do you start to experience Hair Loss or start to observe small Hair fall?

You can find so many reasons that is causing Hair Fall, such as stress, pregnancy, lack of protein, over styling etc...

It not only affect our overall appearance, it also expose your weak scalp to the strong sunlight. 

In order to prevent hair loss, or serious scalp issues, we need to protect our hair and scalp.

Let me introduce you: 

BioRevive HairGro-A revolutionary concept in hair loss and scalp restoration treatments that combines the wonders of ayurvedic with the latest advancements in essential Bio-nutrients and botanical ingredients with technology to provide a holistic approach to tackle hair loss and scalp problems. We believe that most scalp and hair disorders can be reversed – not only through the use of BioRevive HairGro products, our customised scalp cleansing and HairGro treatments but also through proper consultation and scalp analysis.

Special Promotion:

You could now experience the 
BioRevive HairGro 2 hrs-7steps Scalp Restoration & Hair Loss Treatment 
@ only SGD 59!


The treatment is developed specially from the ancient ayurvedic hair growth technique combined with Bio-Ingredients and enhanced EGF formulated products, the treatment combines deep scalp cleansing with pore reactivation & scalp regeneration benefits, making it a highly effective hair growth treatment. The Bio-Growth ingredients in this therapy which rejuvenate hair follicles and nourish hair cells, encouraging the growth of dense and healthy new hair. T

he BioRevive Hairgro scalp restoration and hair loss treatment experience lasts for a pampering 2 hours:

  • Customized Scalp Consultation & Analysis
  • Pore Reactivation Hi-Frequency Treatment
  • Soothing Ayurvedic Oil Scalp Massage
  • Customised Scalp Serum & Hairgo Mask Treatment
  • O2 Ozone Scalp Treatment
  • Specially blended Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Gro mask application
  • Leave On
  • Deep Cleansing Hair Wash
  • Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse
  • Blow Dry

Call 63976322 for a Free consultation & scalp analysis today! 

It is conveniently located at # B1-132, Novena Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive. (Novena MRT)!

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don't hesitate, get your scalp check and get rid of your hair loss and scalp problem as early as possible :)

Revolutionary Bio botanical products combined with ayurvedic scalp therapy.
Suitable for men & women of all ages.


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