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I found this interesting website where you can organize events for tradeshows, birthday party etc...

E MAGICAL MOMENT offer several magical birthday packages which includes balloon sculpting, face painting, caricature,kids tattoos, balloon decoration, and of course, the main event, the magic show. 

If you wish to customise your own package, E MAGICAL MOMENT  can tailor your very own package to give your child the best magical experience you can imagine.

E MAGICAL MOMENT also offer event hosting for all kinds of celebrations and special events, which can include games hosting and other various entertainment activities. They have strong experience in planning, hosting, and performing for community events, private birthday parties, and even corporate events.

1. Magic Show

Magic Show are suitable for the young and the adults! Nobody will be left out! Every participant will be gifted with a small token of appreciation from the magician as a form of souvenir at the end of our wonderful performance. 

2. Preschool Party

Preschool Comedy Magic Package – $330 NETT (About 1 hour 30 minutes) 
*Special Promotion*
– 30 minutes of funny and entertaining magic show
– 60 minutes of balloon sculpting
– Free hosting of cake cutting ceremony
– Surprise gift for the birthday child
– Gifts for all volunteer who help during the magic show

(Available only for preschool kids parties & on weekdays)

3. Close up Magic
Close up magic is a form of a magic performance happening up close with the audiences, walking around and usually takes places spontaneously. It is both interactive and engaging as the audience will get to experience the magic right before their eyes. The magician will move from table to table to perform up close magic to keep the guests entertained during the cocktail hour.

It is highly recommended for reception lounges, dinner and dance, private events and any corporate functions too.

4. Baloon Sculpting
Balloon Sculpting Singapore
Balloon Sculpting is a must-have if you are having a children party, balloons are being sculpted into different shapes and sizes such as dogs, bears, flowers, even cartoon characters and other customised sculptures that you wish for.

It is a wonderful souvenir to be given for all your guests during the party, balloons are commonly said to be a child’s best friend.

5. Face Painting
Face Painting Singapore

Facepainting is one of the most fascinating and popular activities for a children’s party. emagical moments artists are well trained and professional to paint anything you request for.

They also offer designs ranging from superheroes, cartoon characters, animals and even Olaf!

6. Magic Workshop/Balloon Sculpting workshop
magic workshop

7. Caricature
The artist will magically turn you into a cartoon by drawing a caricature of you. You can then bring the drawing home as a souvenir. This is a popular feature in parties and corporate events. Truly unique and memorable as gift home.

8. Tattoo

Glitter tattoo1
Glitter tattoo/Henna from you to choose from. Easy an safe way to get unique tatoo from any shapes you want!

9. Pop corn and candy floss

Popcorn & Candy floss are always a great give-away for any occasions among the kids. Emagicalmoment friendly staff will be there to set up the machine as well as distributing free flow of freshly made sugary happiness for everyone.

10. Baloon decoration and helium
Helium Balloon Decoration Singapore
Helium Balloons (Most Popular)

Fill your party with our colorful Floating Helium Balloons. 

50 pcs helium filled latex balloons (choice of 5 colors) for SGD 100(inclusive of delivery charges)!
Balloon Decoration Singapore
SGD180 for  a pair of Balloon columns

SGD 280/arch
11. Sand art
Sand Arts Singapore
Sand art is a very enjoyable art and craft session where the children will get to pick their favourite cartoons and paint them with their favourite colours with sands.

I found that they offer quite a lot of services and they offer attractive prices for each party package!

I hope it helps you to settle some of your party needs ;)

Attractive Package Available :

Read more about what others comment about their services here!

Tel: (65) 8235 1615
Email: [email protected]

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