Monday, August 31, 2015

Learn with A Maths Q&A website for Primary 5 and 6 students in Singapore and Malaysia!

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Do you want to get the best for your kids? They no longer needs to spend lots of time figure out their difficult math questions.

Universal School Education is a Maths Q&A website for Primary 5 and 6 students in Singapore and Malaysia, to help students better prepared for the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam).

Universal School Education  is determined to provide revolutionary new ways for all users (students, teachers, parents, maths enthusiasts, etc.) to improve their skills in the subject and to actually enjoy the learning process! 

When I was young, I hate Mathematics because no matter how much time i spent on the questions, I still can't figure it out myself. When I lost the patience, I lost my interest too. Mathematics become the toughest course for me. 

So in order to boost the child' confidence, we need to let them know Mathematics is not that hard and is similar to Science. There is always formulas for each of the difficult questions.

For example:


Question 2:

You could check out the sample questions here:

Universal School Education has a variety of different maths categories that our users can choose from, with hundreds of different questions. Users can also choose questions based on their level of competence or their age group. The categories include:

  • Algebra
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Patterns
  • Percentage
  • Ratio
  • Speed, Average, Rate
  • Statistics/Data Analysis
  • Whole Number

The website also offer user-friendly interface is incredibly simple to use, and is therefore child-friendly, requiring minimal parental guidance or assistance from tutors.

I love their simple, clean design offers younger children fewer distractions and less confusion. Even if you do not know much about Mathematics, you could do the explanation and solve the questions together with you kids :)

Price Plan

Get all the well explained answers for only USD 52.98 per year!!

Get all the well explained answers for only USD 9.98 per month!!

Take your learning into your own hands with Universal School Education where learning is as fun as it is beneficial!


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