Thursday, August 6, 2015

[Review] ClearSK Hydrabright Lazer Facial

Dear lovelies,

Recently I tried out ClearSK amazing Hydrabright Lazer Facial :) It is suitable for girls/ladies with problematic skin, brown acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots...

ClearSk Aesthetics is  conveniently located at the central of Singapore, Novena Medical Centre.

I super enjoyed this pampering treatment and their staff are super friendly and attentive to details. 

The Hydrabright Lazer facial is super relaxing because they use the Japanese technology of iontophoresis to break down pigments without damaging the skin. It is great for:

  1. Sundamaged problem
  2. Melasma
  3. Brown Acne Marks
  4. Chronic Dyschromia
  5. Other dark spots or uneven skin tone

Firstly the beautician gently cleanse my face,and use the light ultrasonic waves to pass over my skin surface. It is super gent and you don't feel any pain :)

We feel a bit warm and the blinking light helps to brighten our skin:) Later, the beautician ex foliate our skin. Ascorbic and other antioxidants are applied onto our skin, and a gentle current passed using an electrode creates an electrical gradient to propel the pure ascorbyl phosphate solution into the pores.

They later apply the infusion of vitamin C moisturizer. It is super refreshing and moisturizer enough :)To help you absorb better, they use a cold massager to gently massage well :) Also, the beautician will give you a gentle neck and shoulder massage to complete the treatment.

Later, we get the soothing and pampering facial masque for another 15 minutes to lock in the active ingredients. It is super relaxing as I get to nap in the room :)It is great for inflammation skin, because the day i had 3 pimples.

Facial After:

My review:

My skin is brighter and looks radiance for that week .My skin feel hydrated and my skin scares (acne and freckles) are less obvious. I definitely will go back for this treatment again.

Branch Locations

ClearSK Premier Medi-Aesthetics- Scotts Medical Center #07-04
ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics Clinique
- Novena Medical Center #10-01
- Velocity, Novena

Studio ClearSK

- City Square Mall
Hougang Plaza
Chinatown Point (coming soon)
- Tiong Bahru Plaza (coming soon)
- Tampines One (coming soon)

ClearSK Medi-Skincare Centre

- Telepark Tampines
- Westgate, Jurong

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